I have done Readings for Dozens of people and helped them through their difficulties. here is just some of the feedback.


Amanda wrote to me asking if her relationship was over because of insecurities. I invited her to rephrase the question, in a way that gives her the power to make a choice. Through the reading I was able to guide her to take time for self care and communicating with her love interest.

“You are awesome! I did a ton of self care and meditation, and he called last night. Thanks for the awesome reading!”

As you can see Amanda was very happy with the reading


Lyndsey wrote to me asking about her health and her romance, once I reworked the question to a more choice based one I was able to give her an insightful and intuitive reading that gave her advice on how to find the relationship she really wanted.

“Awesomeness! Thank you kindly for the reading! Very much appreciated.”

These are just two of many positive and grateful comments I have received about my readings and my advice.

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