Three Cards One Message

Hello again everyone I apologize for not posting for a while things have been a little unpredictable, however this week the message from the cards is one that we can all relate to no matter what is going on in our lives, so with further ado let us begin. The cards this week gave aContinue reading “Three Cards One Message”

The Seven Of Vessels Dealing with Loss

These are uncertain times and around the world people everywhere are trying to find ways of dealing with the losses they have suffered. For thousands of people they have lost friends, co-workers, family as a result of the pandemic. These are painful losses and will take time and patience to heal. These are times whenContinue reading “The Seven Of Vessels Dealing with Loss”

The Three Of Arrows Dealing with Jealousy

This weeks theme we are dealing with one of the darker emotions that sometimes surfaces in times of struggle or when we encounter someone who appears to have something we want or need. Yes Ladies and gentleman we are talking about jealousy, that envy of someone else when they appear to have a better life.Continue reading “The Three Of Arrows Dealing with Jealousy”

Three Cards And making your Dreams A Reality

This week the Cards message is all about turning a dream into a reality despite your current circumstances. You may be wandering but how is that possible? The answer will be become a little clearer as we take a look at the three cards and how they relate to you, your circumstances and your dreams.Continue reading “Three Cards And making your Dreams A Reality”

Three Card Message of Faith

This week in a time of great uncertainty I am going to talk about how the cards can help you find the hope and inspiration to see you through the difficulties you may be facing. While it is certainly true that some countries are slowly reopening their economies to restore some sense of normality othersContinue reading “Three Card Message of Faith”

Nine Of Bows: Respect The Key to Harmony

So Here we are with the Nine Of Bows. Every once in a while the deck throws out a cad that really applies to the world we live in. Now you may be wondering how this card Is Going to help you through the difficult times we are facing now, lets look at that andContinue reading “Nine Of Bows: Respect The Key to Harmony”

The Moon On Water And How it Can Help You

Hello again, this weeks card is The Moon On Water. Now this is a card that can lots of different things depending on the Clients questions and state of mind. But today we are going to talk about how this card can help you in your regardless of your current situation. So Lets start byContinue reading “The Moon On Water And How it Can Help You”