Friday Readings To Help Those In Need Of Guidance

Today I decided that in addition to my weekly topic I will be doing daily readings to help inspire and give guidance to help those out there in times of need. I am using a simple three card spread. The first card indicates the current or ongoing situation. The second represents the desired result. AndContinue reading “Friday Readings To Help Those In Need Of Guidance”

Nine Of Bows: Respect The Key to Harmony

So Here we are with the Nine Of Bows. Every once in a while the deck throws out a cad that really applies to the world we live in. Now you may be wondering how this card Is Going to help you through the difficult times we are facing now, lets look at that andContinue reading “Nine Of Bows: Respect The Key to Harmony”

The Moon On Water And How it Can Help You

Hello again, this weeks card is The Moon On Water. Now this is a card that can lots of different things depending on the Clients questions and state of mind. But today we are going to talk about how this card can help you in your regardless of your current situation. So Lets start byContinue reading “The Moon On Water And How it Can Help You”

The Blasted Oak And What It Means For You

The Blasted Oak is a rare hybrid of the tower and the hanged man. At first glace it can seem rather ominous to the client, it is dramatic and is designed to be so. We are all facing a time when everything is shaken to its foundations either directly or indirectly caused by the pandemicContinue reading “The Blasted Oak And What It Means For You”