Imbolc Cards and how they can steer us through the Darkness

This time of year is all about a return of the light as the days slowly get longer. In terms of the tarot the cards that are associated with it are about following the guidance within. With the world still in the grips of the pandemic. It can be hard sometime to find that light at the end of the tunnel. So how can these cards help you find that light. Lets Look at the a little but closer and see what insights they can give.

The Ancestor

The Ancestor is a card that invokes a powerful image of a primal person holding drum . The person represent the wisdom that is passed down each generation. In times before the written word was common this knowledge and wisdom was passed down through stories and songs. In todays modern world the internet, books and tv are the most common sources of knowledge. So the Ancestor is a call back to earlier times when we faced difficult times and reminds us that sometimes to find the answers we have to look within ourselves and not so much out there. Often when this card comes up in a reading the whether for my self or for a client the question revolves around a belief in ourselves. The ancestor is there to help lead the way through the dark period of our lives all we have to do is listen.

The Pole Star

Like the Ancestor the pole star is a card that is themed around guidance. It leads us through our lives and the challenges that we encounter. Unlike the Ancestor however the pole star is not about knowledge passed down, but rather about following your intuition. Seem simple doesn’t it, sometime we get that nudge from within that seems to push in a certain direction. It could be a sudden thought or something that catches your attention, or it could be a flash of insight that seemingly come out left field. Nine times out of ten we may not be receptive to this little nudge. This is card that reminds us that our intuition is always there to help guide us through challenges if like the ancestor we take the time to listen to our intuition, think on it and act on it How we act on our intuition can have a bigger impact then we realize when it comes to facing challenges so keep an open mind and you will never know where the pole star will guide you to next.

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