Three Cards One Message

Hello again everyone I apologize for not posting for a while things have been a little unpredictable, however this week the message from the cards is one that we can all relate to no matter what is going on in our lives, so with further ado let us begin. The cards this week gave a clear three card message for all of us.

So, lets take a look at each cards and look at how we can apply that to ourselves. The Ten of Vessels meaning is something that we all strive for, we all want to be happy and live fulfilling lives. In fact we spend most of our lives chasing what ever we think will make us happy whether it is the latest gadget, a new partner changes in your existing relationship, a new job or even a new home. These are all external things that we chase in the hope that it will give us the happiness that we need. We have been doing it for centuries. However while they may provide happiness in the short term they comes a time when the desire grows again and we begin the chase again. Happiness always seems to just out of our grasp. So how can we change that? How can you find the kind of long lasting happiness that we all need in our lives? The first thing is to stop chasing it happiness that really lasts comes from within, not from the material world. The more you spend your time chasing the next thing that may or may not make you happy the more forget what actually gives us happiness. So STOP and follow the advice from the second card

The four of arrows is a card that reminds that it is important to stop, and rest, when we are all so busy running around trying to be competitive or productive we sometimes forget something that is important not just for our physical health but also our mental and emotional wellbeing as well. If we do not take the time to rest and relax then the stresses in our everyday lives builds up. Stress if left unchecked can lead to things such as loss of appetite, sleep problems, and burnout. Our bodies and minds need rest to recharge and release the build up of stressors that we encounter in our lives. So do what you can to find the time to space just for you and do what something that relaxes you in that moment. You see when do take the time to slow down and relax it help to reduce the build up of stress, improve our overall wellbeing and improve our physical, mental and emotional state. Happiness really does come from within and in todays modern world where we are bombarded by the media on what they want to buy or do, we can lose sight of it. Be grateful for the things you already have in your lives even if they are not perfect right now, it better to have something that is imperfect then not to have it at all. Disclaimer I am not saying if you are in a dangerous situation you should stay there if are in that situation then you do what ever you have to be safe. What I am saying that there is so much to be grateful in this work that spending our lives chasing what we don’t have is not going to help us find long lasting happiness, Self acre really is important in our day to day lives and can change the way we think and feel about ourselves.

This leads us to the last card in todays message which is the eight of vessels, this is card that is all about changes within ourselves, sometimes these changes are small and subtle such as a change in taste or preferences. Other times the change can be more observable. Such as the way we carry ourselves or the way in which we perceive the world around us. One thing that this year has shown us is that we are all capable of change if we take the time to stop, rest and really look at where are lives are heading and ask ourselves is this really what I want and is it making me truly happy, if the answer to those is yes then that is wonderful and I hope it continues to do so. However if the answer to those questions is no then now is the time to really look at what you can change to put you on the path to what makes you happy even if it is lots of little thing they can make a world of difference.

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