The Ace Of Vessels

This week we are are going to talk about the Ace of Vessels and how its messages and guidance can help you through the difficult time you may be facing. So lets begin. The first thing to note as with any card from this suit is that it element is water and is strongly associated our emotional states so that is going to be the todays focus.

So lets take a closer look at the card and see what insights we can glean from it. The overall scene is that the area is calm a young stag drinks from the pool as a swan swims close to the edge of the pool. When we look at the animals and what they represent we get an impression of serenity from the swan. A swan is graceful and regal bird and one that has significance in my home country of England, they can also be very viscous if provoked but we do not see the aggressive side in this scene, here the swan is calm and relaxed. There are no immediate threats to it or any young that it is protecting. Now lets look at the Stag, a creature of strength of one that is also used to fighting to protect its mate however, in this picture it calmly drinks from the pool. So what can we learn from this, firstly both animals are ones that represent a sense of authority. In the case of your situation they are likely showing that it is time to take charge of what is happening and find out what you need to make the best choices for you and your loved ones. this may mean going against what you have been brought up to believe.

When we look at the wider picture we see the pool is being fed by a bowl resting on two stones. The first thing we see is that the bowl is overflowing. This water represents your emotional state. So when we apply that you whatever your situation is is shows us that despite feeling that your emotions may be overwhelming you the over flow enable you to find a sense if calm, and it is this sense of calm that will help remind you of the abundance of resources, help and guidance that you may need to help you through the situation. That calm is always there inside us, sometimes it get buried by the turbulence that we face in our lives. So if you are feeling overwhelmed take the time to find your centre meditating, going for a walk or just finding a quiet space in a busy workplace can help you regain your sense of calm.

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