The Wisdom Of The World Tree

This World Tree is a card that represents our connections, all our connections whether you are aware of them or not. Its symbolism reaches in to our minds and awakens the spirit. It helps us stay grounded in times of stress and reminds us that we do not have to be alone. It is also a card that represents the completion if a journey whether that is a work project, or the start in a new phase in your life this card shows us moving past what we have learned from our experiences and introspections ready to go into greater unknown, this is a very stressful and uncertain time we live in right now. The lesson that we learn and the experiences we gain will be part of who we our individually and as a society for generations. What we take in to the new chapter of our lives will determine how we learn and grow.

The five cards you see above represent the phases in our journey through life starting with the young and curious wanderer, before transitioning to the skilled and focused archer. Continuing to learn and grow as we enter the phase that is the Woodward then taking and reflecting the lessons we learned in the previous stages we enter a time of consolidation and understanding as we enter the waning time in our life and finally we reach the World tree whilst this is the end of the cycle it is also the start of something new, exciting and fresh so look forward to the life has to offer because the future is not yet written and what you experience is truly up to you

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