Lessons From The Ancestor

The Ancestor, a card that speaks to us from our past, Its theme is learning from the past, the ancestral wisdom that is passed down to us by each generation as we continue to learn and grow as a society. Each generation has in stored wisdom from those that came before, in ancient times these were passed down as stories but in our modern age it is passed down in books and on the internet. When facing difficult times there are lessons that we can draw upon that help guide us through the wild wood that is the uncertain present and unseen future. Sometimes we might laugh and say that that lesson can’t possibly apply to me now can it. Stop and think about it for a moment the situation and circumstances may be very different to yours, but those are not as important as the Outcome and method in which it was reached.

Take a look at this card here we the older man teaching a youth how to fire and aim a bow, the older man may have had to learn in a hurry due to conflict, or it may have been to to him by his father. But what is important is the things he learned from his own experience and practice which he is passing on the next generation so that they may thrive. So what lesson were passed down to you that you can apply to your situation? Look within and the ancestor will guide you through the situation, no matter what difficulties you find yourself in.

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