Coming Face to Face with the Guardian

The Guardian is a card that we often shy away from much like the journey or the blasted oak. As such it often misunderstood. You see in most common decks it is the same card as the devil. Hmm a card that is associated with an evil entity. No that is where a common mistake is made, and where important lesson can be missed.

You see the guardian/devil or whatever your deck refers to it as, is not about evil trying to corrupt you, or anything of that nature. That kind of interpretation is not going to help you find the answers that you seek. The actual meaning of the card is bringing you face to face with something we all try to ignore or at least not pay attention to, our base emotions. It is a card that challenges you to work through the underlying emotions associated with the question or situation. The key to working with this card in any deck is asking your self what are the emotions I am not dealing with, what is holding me in a place where I am uncomfortable. One card that is often drawn with the guardian is the six of cup/vessels

This card is all about memories, something that can is often drawn in to our emotional state. Sometimes we need to go on a walk down memory lane and look at why the memory triggers the emotions and work through them so that we can move forward, this is often difficult and not something we ever look forward to doing but it is a big part of recovery and personal growth.

Now the important thing is to be willing to face the difficult question and emotions and you may need to seek guidance from someone but the work will be worth it.

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