Three Cards And making your Dreams A Reality

This week the Cards message is all about turning a dream into a reality despite your current circumstances. You may be wandering but how is that possible? The answer will be become a little clearer as we take a look at the three cards and how they relate to you, your circumstances and your dreams.

So Lets look at the first one in a bit more detail,

The Ace of stones, the foundation of life is all about the manifesting things from the ground up. after all you can build a home without a strong foundation and the same can be said for your dreams. How does does this relate to you and your dreams? Well for a dream to manifest you need to translate it into solid goal. An example would be when I was in college and knew I wanted to graduate with honors. That’s the dream part I then had to translate that into a goal and then find out what had I to do to achieve that goal. The goal was a GPA of 3.7 or higher which would meant I graduated with honors. Which translates to the lowest grade I can afford to achieve was an A- and I need A’s and A+’s to have the best chance. That how I turned the dream or desire into a workable goal. The same goes for any dream or desire you may have no matter how big or how small make it into a goal. The goal should be realistic but large enough to stretch your comfort zone a little after all it should be rewarding and help your growth.

Now lets look at the next card and see how it can help you.

The woodward is commonly known as the strength card in most tarot decks, the difference in this case is that it is referencing inner strength rather than outer strength. You know the kind of strength that inner resolve and determination that we all possess in us. It is how we apply that inner strength that determines how fast we achieve the goals we set ourselves. If you do not apply that determination in a way to drives you forward then you risk floundering rather then progressing towards your goals. do not let doubt or insecurity stop you from achieving what you set out to do. The woodward is a reminder to have faith in ourselves and what we believe to be possible for us no matter what that may be. There may be set back and difficulties in your life right now but if you set yourself the goal of what it is you want then keep to it and persevere and you will accomplish what it is you are trying to do.

That Leads to my third and Final Card for this week

The Three of bows is a card that really embodies the theme of fulfilment whether that is in your work your personal life or anything else you want in your life this card’s message is all about the manifestation of the goals and dreams you set yourself in a rewarding and enjoyable manner. So whether you want to increase your cash flow or manifest the ideal relationship this card tell you that if you make it into a goal and stick to that goal then you can achieve anything you set your mind to no matter how big it may be. Oh and if your wondering what the end of my story is I graduated with a GPA of 3.86 with my lowest grade being a 2 A-‘s and my highest I achieved was two A+ grades so if I can manifest the goals I desire then I know that all of you can there is nothing stronger then the power of conviction and determination.

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