Home Is Where The Heart Is

This week when I decided to shuffle my deck and ask what message I need to put out to help people three cards came out of the center of the deck while I was shuffling. On the surface they give the message that management of of the home can help you through challenges. That is all very well, however if we take a close look there is a more powerful message just beneath the surface.

The first card, The ten of stones is a card that emphasizes the importance of a safe and stable home. But what exactly does that mean? A home where there is relative safety and security and where you can go to relax and recharge. This is especially important during a pandemic where home is one we spend the majority of our downtime. During these troubling times that sense of security can seem hard to find especially if you find yourself in difficult financial situation. So How can you make your home feel more secure. Well work through the things you are able to adjust. This may include talking with service providers to see what assistance they can offer, be sure to look in to each option and weigh the benefits and potential drawback carefully. Things such as deferring payments may seem ideal but you may end up in more difficulties down the road. Look for options that help you manage the current situation rather then just putting it to one side for later.

The second card that made it self known was the six of stones, this may seem like a card that has no bearing on the message above, but when you think about it it makes a lot of sense. You see the six of stones theme is all about the exploitation of resources. In the case of this weeks reading the message is relating to the resources that we have around us. For example above I talked about finding assistance to help you through the difficult times, this card is telling us to manage the resources that are offered wisely, by prioritizing the things that need to be taken of before the fun things or things which don’t take take of the necessities. So for example if you get a payment from the government, take care of any outstanding bills and perhaps cancel things that are not needed.

The last card is the six of bows, this card really is a reminder that there is an abundance of resources out there for those that need it, you just have to find the ones that work for you seek the advice and support to help you make the choices that are right and work for your situation, and don’t be tempted to go with something just because a friend recommends it. They may be trying to help but their situation may be different to yours and require a different approach. Be smart and think things and you will find that the solution to help you through you challenges are out there waiting.

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