Three Card Message of Faith

This week in a time of great uncertainty I am going to talk about how the cards can help you find the hope and inspiration to see you through the difficulties you may be facing. While it is certainly true that some countries are slowly reopening their economies to restore some sense of normality others are facing greater turmoil as the pandemic goes relatively unchecked or ignored or or dismissed for whatever reason. Then there is the Black Lives matter movement protests which I support as no one should ever be victim of prejudice or discrimination based on something that is beyond their ability to control.

So When I asked my cards what message need to be put out there for those in need these three cards literally popped out at me (the deck is as blunt as an out of touch politician sometimes) So Lets look at each one closely and see what the message is and how it can help you.

The Ace of Bows is the first card that slid on to the table. The suit of bows is all about will and creativity, sometime the cards present warnings or things that we need to be aware of, but in this case the message from this card is a reminder that the spark of life the creative will that drives change is ever present in each of us. It is this spark that ignites when we are faced with circumstances that may seem to overwhelm us. Necessity is the mother of invention and the spark of life is the catalyst of change. So How can you use this card to help you through the difficulties, ask yourself what can is within my power to change right now? It could be a change of job or change in the home environment. It could even be something seemingly small such as a simple change in your routines. This small change will help to open your mind to other things that you may be able to change. What started as small spark within you begins to grow and give you strength and courage. The solution to your problem may not come straight away as things happen in their own time and in their own way. However by doing what you can to change the small tings now will pave the way for the changs that you need in the future.

Next is the Wanderer, a card that really shows the benefits of making that leap of faith. Sometimes we feel the spark of life ignite in ourselves but may be to unsure or hesitant to take the step we need to to make the changes that we need. This is where the wanderer comes in to play. This youthful and carefree card shows the joy of letting go of that doubt and hesitance and just following your passions. Maybe you are stuck in a dead end job and cant see a a way out, maybe you are in a troubled relationship and need an escape. Once that spark is ignited then the inner wanderer that is in all of us encourages us to make that change even if we cant see where it may end up. So if you are in need of a change in your life the now is the time to start making those changes, go do what ever you need to do, take those courses, start that hobby, get out when you need and really embrace the experience. Once you take that first step the rest will follow.

Finally we have the Page of Vessels, This youthful and playful card reminds us that part of taking care of ourselves is to take the time to enjoy life the best we can. Remember to take the time to appreciate the things you enjoy and cherish, it could be your family, your friends your work colleagues, your hobbies or pastimes, or something as small as that first drink of coffee in the morning really take the time to savor these things that bring us happiness arounds us. So when the spark does ignite within you, you will know what it is you want to keep and what it is you really want to change. It is that youthful and playful energy that will enable you to try new thigs have have new experiences thus helping you grow beyond the circumstance you find yourself in right now and from there who knows maybe the things that you want to change will seem less important to you then then it foes right now, maybe that spark has led to things that you never thought you would even consider before now. You will never know unless you try.

That is all for this week if you would like a personalized reading don’t forget you can contact me via email, this website or via Facebook

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