Nine Of Bows: Respect The Key to Harmony

So Here we are with the Nine Of Bows. Every once in a while the deck throws out a cad that really applies to the world we live in. Now you may be wondering how this card Is Going to help you through the difficult times we are facing now, lets look at that and see just how this card can really help you when you need it to.

  • Respecting yourself, okay this one may seem a little obvious but it is one that many people to stumble on. It is not just about staying physically healthy though that is a part of it. It is also about respecting your own mental and emotional Health. Are you taking the time to let your body de stress?
  • Respecting Boundaries, both yours and those of others, again sometimes people trip on this one in order to feel that they fit in or they feel it will help them progress. Let me ask you this, Where do you boundaries lie? It seem like an easy question doesn’t it. However how many times have you done something that made you uncomfortable or question the other person’s motives just to stay in that person good graces? Then there is respecting other peoples boundaries again something that we need to think more in the present situation. Protesting it one thing that I support it is a powerful way of getting a message across. Just as long it is done peacefully, you se the moment it starts to lean towards rioting then it loses it message and can harm the community both where the rioting is occurring and the cause that the protesting is about, why? because it can sway public support away from the cause. The same goes for any time you violate a a person’s boundary you risk losing any support or help you may have been trying to get.
  • Respecting others, this goes with the boundaries but need to be said, respecting the other person mean listening to them really listening, to both sides of the debate. don’t assume that your opinion is the only one that matters there may be something that the other person can offer that can offer insight to the problem. Also respecting their difference and accepting them for who they are is so important and applies to everyone, you don’t have to agree with someone to respect them, you don’t have to like them just treat them with the same respect that you want to be respected and treated.

Balance a card that in the context of respect represents the balancing respecting your self, your needs, physically mentally and emotionally and the need of others. not always an easy thing to accomplish but none the less something that should always be attempted whether that is in your home environment, your work environment or socially. Lets look at the home environment, we all feel that we have been cooped up for a while under lockdown. Are you giving yourself the space you need? Are you allowing those around you to take the space they need again both physically and mentally? Something that is often over looked but which can contribute to feeling of increased stress and anxiety in adult and young people. When we look at the work and social environments we often get caught up what we are dong and lose sight of what is going on around us, this can lead to things that can increase stress to those around you. Take work for example, if you are consistently leaving everything to the last minute you increase the stress of those you are working with. Also if you ignore health and safety protocol and guidelines such as wearing masks and gloves if required to, for example then you are not only disrespecting yourself and your health, you are also saying that your also disrespecting the health and safety of those around you that also applies in social settings.

Finally lets look at the Ace of arrows and how it applies to this weeks theme. This is a card that is about mental clarity, and getting to the heart of the issue. Let me ask this, Do you have a clear mental picture of where your boundaries are? If you don’t now is the time to think about what your boundaries are and then enforce them. One way to get self respect is to be as clear as you can possibly be on what you boundaries are and then sticking to them them, don’t let anyone cross that line even if they are friend, co-worker or even family your boundaries are important and should always be respected. similarly are you aware of the boundaries of those around you? If you are not then tread lightly and respect the personal space of those around you as well as the preferences they may have. Treat everyone with respect regardless of their race, class, gender, age or profession there are always going to be those who abuse their position as we have seen with recent events, choose to be part of the solution and be a positive force of change.

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