The Moon On Water And How it Can Help You

Hello again, this weeks card is The Moon On Water. Now this is a card that can lots of different things depending on the Clients questions and state of mind. But today we are going to talk about how this card can help you in your regardless of your current situation. So Lets start by taking a closer look at it. At first glance the it shows a island in a lake with no visible path to the shore. This normally indicates that the client is feeling lost or stuck in a situation for whatever reason. This can seem to be a negative outcome but I assure you there is more to the card then there first appears. If you look to the bottom on the card you see the moons reflection on the water and on closer inspection you can see a path running toward the island. Now lets take that picture and look at what it can mean for you.

Firstly it is dark so it may indicate you may feel that your ability to see the path ahead is impaired by your circumstances. The main focus of the card is of course the moon, which has strong associations with emotion and intuition. The moon is seen shining on a clear night meaning that this nothing obscuring your vision. But why then could you feel stuck? Lets look at the animals in the picture to gain further insight. There are a group of herons in view, Now herons are well known for being very patient, the fact that they appear to be leaving may indicate that you are either lacking patience and need to wait for a more appropriate time. This can also coincide with the next animal, standing on the middle of the island silhouetted by the moon is a bull, Bulls are can represent strength and resolve but, but if that resolve is not tempered by trust it can lead to a situation where impatience and stubbornness sets in and you end up stuck just like in the card. Now lets apply that to your life and help you with some insight. Right now the economies may be in the process of being reopened. You may feel that things are moving to slowly and you really want to get back to work. (I know I do) But if things move to quickly things to end up no better then they are now or they may end up making you stuck on that island, so patience is really what is required right now to see us through his time of transition so we don’t end up falling back or even right back at square one. All things happen in their own time. Trust that things will work out and keep tings moving one day at a time. Now is not the time for hasty or irrational actions which may or may not produce the desirable outcome in the short term.

On the 5th of June I am holding a inline tarot reading event half price readings between 12pm and 6pm MST so message me on my face book page or via the contact me page to book your appointment. Well that is it for this week I hope you have a pleasant weekend and you look forward to hearing from you soon.

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