The Knight of Arrows.

This weeks card is the Knight of arrows, a hawk no less. Now you may be wondering how does this card help me through the difficulties I am facing right now. So lets take a closer look at him and see what insights we can gleam from him.

The first thing to note is that is from the suit of arrows which is associated with the spring time. this can symbolize and emergence from the hard times and the gradual recovery that takes place. He is a court card, an ally who is loyal and skilled. Hawks were used for hunting for centuries because of their excellent vigilance. Which what they represent in the deck they also can represent a decision that needs to be made so this is where this trusted ally can help you through the challenges you may be facing. Start by asking yourself What decisions need to made right now. What are my options, and what information do I need?

This card is all about keeping perspective as a hawk flies he is forever scanning the ground and the skies around him for his prey as well as any dangers that may be lurking. This is what is needed now we need to keep a broad mind set and be aware of what is going on around us and not just locally. We are surrounded by news sources all the time and different bits of information and theories on the current events. Be vigilant in your appraisal of them and look at them with an open mind. Ask yourself who is presenting this information and how reliable is it. There are lots of conspiracy theories out there right now on the situation, what do these source gain from this? How reliable is their source and what is their agenda?

Lots of them ask you disregard or not trust information you get from official sources which can lead to mistrust in authority. What are they really trying to achieve? Now is not the time to be drawn in to rabbit hole of conspiracy and rumor, fact check the information and remember that when it comes to the pandemic, information is changing rapidly. maintain an objective stance on the information and don’t let your emotions over take reason.

The hawk is focused on the present his gaze is fixed forward he does not worry about what may happen in the future or anything that is not is his control so he can achieve his goal.

So there we have it Now I leave you with the following questions to considers

1. Are taking an objective and impartial stance on the pandemic.

2. Where is your focus right now is it on the past, the future or is it focused on the present?

And finally, What can I learn from all the information I get and is it reliable, impartial and accurate? Leave your thoughts in the comments

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