The Archer And You

This weeks card is the Archer, and I am going to talk about how you can embrace the Archetype of this card and apply it to your life and your current situation.

To really understand the theme of this card lets look at what is presented, we see young and athletic young woman armed with a long bow with a arrow drawn notched in to her bow. Her posture is tense and she is focused on the present task at hand there might be thought of the past or worries about the future but they are at the back of her mind as she prepares to complete her task.

Now lets look at this can be applied to what id going on in your life right now, With everything that is transpiring around the world it is easy to be overwhelmed by the information and opinion circulating in the media and the internet. This can lead to a feeling of being lost and not knowing which way to turn and that is totally understandable. What I want to do is show you how by focussing on the present and the not worrying about the future too much you can achieve your goals and make it through the difficult times ahead. One of my favourite quotes is by Jack Canfield who said ” think about your life as driving down a road at night your headlights can only see 200 feet ahead but if you focus on that 200 feet the next 200 feet will unfold then the next then the next” If you think about this has a lot of meaning right now, we cant really see too far in to the future right now but we don’t need to we only need to see the next little while and focus on that the present is where we need to be right now your can avoid situations like

This is what happened when the Archer lost focus and ended up missing his target becoming frustrated, missing and the frustration build so each time he misses. Not a pleasant situation to find yourself in, so to avoid this to avoid this stay focused on what you need right now worrying too much about the future leads to things like panic buying and hoarding things that are neither practical or smart. It can also lead to increasing stress and anxiety and other mental health issues. Stay focused on the present and keep yourself safe out there and I will see you next week

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