The Hooded Man

This week I am going to talk about the card above, The Hooded Man this is a card that seem dark and depressing when you look at the surface. However when you dig just a little deeper you find that this card is all about internal learning. associated with the cold winter months this card represents the need for solitude and internal reflection. How does that apply to your life right now. He is showing us how transformative times of quiet and solitude can be for us physically, emotionally and mentally. This can be a period of growth and discovery, it can be a period of consolidation and support. The hooded man tells us to go within and look for the lesson that we have learned from our experiences and apply them to ready ourselves for the times of change.

How each person uses this time is ultimately up to them just as how YOU use this time is your choice. What do you choose? Do you choose to try and fill it lots of hobbies and things that may or may not help, or do you want to take this time to learn what is truly important to you, your family and your life right now. The answer is as varied as each one of us so there is no right or wrong. But bear this in mind our action have consequences and that will be discussed in my next post………..

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