Every week I am going to draw a card from my deck and discuss how you can apply it your life no matter what your situation or circumstance.

This weeks card is the Guardian. In most traditional tarot decks the guardian is represented by the devil. But what does it really mean?

The devil/guardian represents our more primal emotions, for example greed or envy but in the case of the guardian he is most commonly associated with fear, more specifically fear of of the unknown. we live in uncertain times right now the world is in the grip of pandemic and whole countries are in lockdown. When the guardian comes up in a draw he challenges you to act in spite of those fears and insecurities you may have.

So here is how he applies to your life right now. Take a look at your life right now and really think the fears and insecurities Then I invite you look at each of those fears and think of one thing you can do change it. if it is something that is beyond your control let it go. If however it is possible for you to change through your actions that will not cause you harm then sit down and write down how you are going to take back the control. for example what information you need, what resources or assistance you may need there is a wealth of information and help out there for you now is the time to utilize the help you may need to improve your life forthe better

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